GoBone helps you
keep your pup active while you're busy
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GoBone helps you

keep your pup active while you're busy

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All-day exercise and play

GoBone is an entertainment device made for you and your dog. Automatically keep your pup active while you’re busy. Enjoy new ways to play when you’re together via app control.

GoBone playing with dog automatically

Automatic exercise and play

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is happy and entertained

Dog chasing GoBone around

GoBone plays back

GoBone moves around on its own, satisfying your dog’s prey drive and challenging them in brand new ways

GoBone product shot with wheels removed

Replaceable exterior

Easily remove any part that comes in contact with your dog for cleaning or replacement

Person using the GoBone app to control the GoBone

Chewable exterior

GoBone’s exterior is made with durable FDA food-grade materials

Person using the GoBone app to control the GoBone

Remote control dog bone

The free GoBone App lets you control your GoBone via Bluetooth

Small, timid dog

Bonding mode

Ensures even the most timid dogs gradually fall in love with the GoBone

Multiple GoBones in different colors

8 hour battery life

GoBone’s rechargeable battery lasts 8 hours in Auto Play mode for all-day play

Keep your dog happy and entertained

We do our best to keep our pups mentally and physically active. But sometimes, that’s easier said than done. GoBone helps you fill those gaps in exercise and play time throughout the day.

Woman busy while her dog plays with the GoBone in the background

Entertain your dog when you’re busy

Dog not able to get as much exercise because of bad weather

Exercise your pet indoors during bad weather

Woman using the GoBone to play with her dog when she's tired

Give your dog a workout, even when you’re tired

Dog entertained and exercising in tight spaces using the GoBone

Keep your pup active in tight living spaces

Where can I get one?

Order your GoBone now. Supplies limited.

Safe and durable

GoBone is designed to be chewed. The entire exterior is replaceable in case your dog shows it a little too much love.

FDA food-grade materials

GoBone is made from FDA food-grade, eco-friendly materials

Rigorously tested

Each GoBone is tested thoroughly before leaving our factory

Expert engineering

GoBone was designed by engineers with experience creating military products

Easy to use

Step 1 for using the GoBone

Launch the GoBone App

Available to download for free

Step 2 for using the GoBone

Tap GoBone twice to wake

GoBone connects to your phone automatically

Step 3 for using the GoBone

Have fun

Place GoBone on the floor and enjoy a new world of play

More ways to play with the GoBone App

Ready for a new level of play? Fire up the free GoBone app and turn your GoBone into an interactive gaming device for you and your dog. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

Person recording and sharing video of their dog playing with the GoBone

App control

Have a blast driving GoBone with your pup in hot pursuit

Share the fun

Record and share video of your pup playing without leaving the app

Bonding Mode

A fun way to ensure your dog falls in love with their GoBone

Scheduled playtime

Schedule GoBone to run for up to 8 hours

See what others are saying about GoBone

GoBone is effective for playing with and exercising animals. As a dog behaviorist and trainer, I also see it as an innovative training and assessment tool. GoBone lets me observe a dog’s natural style of play and drive, which helps me custom-tailor my training techniques to the individual dog’s personality.

Laura Young

Dog Behaviorist | AKC Certified evaluator, Member APDT

GoBone is a great way to bring out a dog’s true personality. I’ve been involved with several recently-adopted dogs from local animal shelters that were reclusive or withdrawn. Since interacting with GoBone, they’ve become entirely different dogs.

Chris Watts

Dallas Animal Advisory Commissioner, District 1

GoBone solves the problem of giving my dog something to do during the day. I think anyone that has dogs at home and works all day needs a GoBone. It’s extremely useful and I’m definitely going to tell my friends about it.

Brad & Arri

Sometimes long walks with my dog are not enough and he’s still energetic. GoBone helps me tire Jerry out. It’s fun using the app, too. I’d happily recommend GoBone to a friend.

Gretchen & Jerry

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