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GoBone helps you
keep your dog happy

while you’re busy
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GoBone helps you
keep your dog happy

while you’re busy

GoBone is Revolutionizing Play

Entertain your dog while you’re busy

Go about your day with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your dog is happy and entertained.

Boredom in dogs can lead to destructive chewing, excessive barking, and hyper greetings

Destructive chewing – dog chewing a household item, or dog next to destroyed item
Excessive barking – picture of dog barking indoors; no humans in the picture
Hyper greetings: dog jumping on owner as they enter the front door.

GoBone helps you keep your pup active and entertained no matter what’s going on in your life

GoBone Interactive Dog Toy

GoBone plays the way your dog wants to. GoBone is chewable, treatable, and it features intelligent software to personalize play for your dog.

All-Day Play

GoBone keeps your pup entertained like no other toy can

Multiple Chewing Surfaces

Accommodates dogs of all sizes and stimulates their gums

Holds Treats

Insert your pup’s favorite treats or slather peanut butter

Durable materials

Exterior parts are made in the USA with FDA food-grade materials

Rechargeable Battery

Play lasts up to 60 minutes in Freestyle mode and up to 8 hours in Auto Play mode


GoBone is water and slobber-resistant when assembled for play

Intelligent Software

GoBone’s movement is personalized for your dog’s age and breed

Easy to Maintain

Removable exterior

GoBone’s exterior is removable for easy cleaning.

Replaceable parts

Easily replace the parts that come in contact with your dog for a fraction of the cost of a new GoBone.

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How GoBone keeps your dog
entertained while you’re busy


GoBone plays with your dog for 15-25 minutes, providing them with mental and physical stimulation. Exact play session length depends on your dog’s age and breed.


GoBone snoozes for 5-15 minutes to give your dog an opportunity to re-energize for the next play session.

Is GoBone Right for My Dog?

GoBone is great for:

  • Dogs of all sizes
  • Households with multiple dogs
  • Pups that are food motivated
  • Pets that love to play with toys
  • Dogs that do not quickly destroy their chew toys
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