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Frequently Asked Questions

About GoBone

Is GoBone right for my dog?

We designed GoBone to appeal to the things dogs love most: chasing, chewing, squeaking, and tossing. If your dog enjoys any of these, chances are they’ll love their GoBone.

Powerful chewers should play with GoBone under close supervision.

Does GoBone work with small dogs?

Yes! We’ve tested GoBone with dogs as light as six pounds. Typically, they chase GoBone around and nip at the wheels. They also enjoy eating the treats out of the wheels and licking the peanut butter slathered on the shell. GoBone also moves a little slower in automatic mode so that your pup doesn’t get overwhelmed or scared.

Does GoBone work with blind dogs?

Yes! You can insert food and treats in the wheels or slather peanut butter on the shell and your dog can track GoBone down based on smell alone. Also, after some time dogs typically associate the sound of the wheels moving with GoBone so we imagine your dog will also be able to locate GoBone via sound.

GoBone will continue to adjust its play style to your dog via the on-board sensors that detect when your dog is physically interacting with GoBone. We also plan on making an option available to slow GoBone down for disabled dogs so that it doesn’t move too quickly for them.

How durable is GoBone?

We designed GoBone to be tough. We’ve dropped GoBones from 10 feet high, stepped on them, pulled incredibly hard from either end – and our test units still work. Our mechanical engineer has years of experience designing rugged products for the military. Our partners have over 20 years of experience formulating tough, durable materials intended for dog play.

GoBone is protected by a thick nylon shell. The entire exterior is replaceable in case your dog shows it a little too much love. No need to buy a whole new GoBone if it gets roughed up.

As with any other dog toy, we recommend supervised play until you’re confident your dog won’t destroy GoBone.

Does GoBone replace regular walks and socialization?

Dogs need regular walks and socialization to be happy and healthy. Rather than replace these important activities, we created GoBone to help pet owners fill the gaps in exercise and play throughout the day.

Are the chewable parts of GoBone replaceable?

Absolutely. We designed GoBone so that you can affordably replace the exterior parts if your dog shows GoBone a little too much love. Replacement parts can be purchased from the GoBone store.

Does GoBone have a built-in camera?

No, GoBone does not have a built-in camera. We left the camera out in order to boost the battery life and provide all-day play for your pup.

Is GoBone waterproof?

GoBone is splash and slobber resistant.

Does GoBone come in different colors?

GoBone currently comes in white and blue. We plan on releasing other colors, too, so email us at [email protected] and let us know the colors you’d like to see!

What comes with my order?

Your order comes with a GoBone core, shell, two wheels, and charging cable.

How does GoBone connect to my phone?

GoBone uses a Bluetooth Smart wireless radio to connect to your phone.

Which parts come in contact with my dog and which don't?

The GoBone shell and wheels come in contact with your dog. The core is protected by the shell and the wheels on either side, and does not come in contact with your dog.

What are GoBone's dimensions and weight?

Estimated dimensions are 10.1 x 3.64 x 5.8 in^3 (25.7 x 9.2 x 14.7 cm^3).

Approximate weight is 1 lb (0.45 kg).

Can you tell me more about the materials used in GoBone?

GoBone is made out of Nylon and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a durable synthetic rubber. Our partners have over 20 years of experience formulating materials specifically for pet products. All materials that come in contact with your dog are:

  • FDA and REACH compliant
  • Sourced in the USA
Are different sizes available?

The GoBone currently comes in one size that has been tested with small dogs and big dogs alike. We may introduce different-sized GoBones in the future.

Using GoBone

How long does the battery last?

GoBone’s battery lasts 8 hours in automatic mode and ~30 minutes in manual (freestyle) mode.

How do I charge GoBone?

The GoBone core features a Micro USB port that’s used to charge GoBone. We recommend you plug the GoBone core into a wall socket for fastest charging speed.

Does it work outdoors?

We recommend using your GoBone indoors.

Can I play with my dog from work?

Not at the moment, but we may introduce this functionality in the future.

Availability and Shipping

Where can I buy GoBone?

GoBone is available to purchase at and

When will I receive my GoBone?

GoBone ships via USPS priority mail. We’ll send you an email with your order confirmation and tracking number once your order ships.

Do you ship to my country?

GoBone is only available in the United States for now. We’re evaluating other markets but we don’t have plans to open sales in other countries at this time. Please consider signing up for our email list at so we can keep you informed of our plans.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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